Lilbita Ranch

Located just 20 minutes from Fort Vermilion, AB (Alberta's Oldest Community), Lilbita Ranch offers peace and solitude to enjoy nature and all it's wonders.   The Ponton River cuts through the southwest corner of the land, offering canoeing, wading, or just watching the wildlife wander by.  The Rocky Lane Ski Club provides trails that are groomed for cross-country skiing in the winter, and provide the opportunity to hike the banks of the Ponton River in the summer.





Wildlife in the area includes a variety of Northern Alberta's songbirds and small mammals year round, with moose, elk, white tail and mule deer travelling through as the seasons change.  The area also has predators such as coyotes, wolves and black bears.  The river has walleye and grayling during the spring floods,  and fishing is also available in nearby rivers and lakes.



This little guy got caught in the spring break-up of the river, and decided to take refuge along the river bank by the house.  He has a friend with him, but he was shy and didn't like having his picture taken!



We invite you to flip through our photo albums (as they are posted) to get a glimpse of the sightseeing the area has to offer.  The website, as well as the ranch itself, is constantly under construction, so please check back often to see what new information and photos we have for you to enjoy!!


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